On-line Inspiration

I often use the web based photo sharing company, Pinterest  as a visual source of inspiration.  Although my projects this year will be created using dissolvable fabric and machine embroidery, they are quite different objects, resulting in lots of different ideas going on at one time.

One of the elements that I have been considering trying to incorporate into my work, is layering.  I often think that as people we are like onions, with lots of layers! As we grow we are affected by different things in life and we have various roles over the years and we mean different things to different people. So I feel we build up layers of experience and knowledge, as we grow older; if you rubbed away the layers of an older person you might be surprised what you might discover about them from earlier in their life.  Here are a couple of images I liked and wonder if I could play with this idea using the dissolvable.


I have also been looking at things that are diaphanous, as this is a very important element that I need to include, as one to the messages that I am trying to convey is that memory is fleeting and it is vulnerable of disappearing. A beautiful example of what I think is diaphanous, is this dress; it looks like it will totally disappear into a kaleidoscope of butterflies.


Although the above are elements that I would like to capture in my work, I have also been looking specifically today, at how I might present the ‘tea party’ installation. The tea party is a reflection on the many conversations that I have had with my parents and my husband’s parents; all who have died in recent years.


I saw this ceramic work and thought it was beautifully created and wondered if I could create a similar effect with my tea cups.  My father-in-law died ten years ago and the others more recently, with my dad just last year.  So I would like to show their cups disappearing at different rates, into the conversation that is flowing over the table.




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