Reflection and Further Experimentation – Metronome No. 2


My initial attempt at the metronome was quite disappointing. I used the clear film dissolvable fabric and roughly drew the shape I wanted; I used white thread, a free motion action and a little felting wool to give more texture to the object.  However, I did not like the outcome but this is what I learned from the first experiment:-

  • I need a better way of drawing my design, as it is difficult to see on a clear film
  • Drawing a straight line using free motion sewing is difficult and will need practice
  • Using the same free motion action all over lacks interest, texture and structure
  • Dissolving the individual sides and then stitching them together didn’t seem very successful as they shrunk and slightly distorted in shape


Following on from my first experiment I managed to source a white dissolvable fabric, that enabled me to draw a more detailed design directly on to the surface.  This made it much easier to see when stitching and provides greater interest to the overall design.

After revisiting the work of Meredith Woolnough, I noticed that although her work appears lacy and fragile, the structure of the subject is quite thick and substantial, which holds its form well.  Although she doesn’t appear to use a zig zag stitch, I have decided to use one for the outlining edges as this will also provided structure and strength. I also found the zig zig stitch easier to control in a long straight line.

I also tried stitching the sides together and dissolving the fabric as a whole.  My thoughts on this were that the object will shrink together and not distort so much.

This is the process and result of my second metronome:-



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