The Pocket Watch

Choosing an object that I felt represented my late father was a fairly easy choice for me to make.  He was a real Mr Fix-it and could turn his hand to pretty much anything.  However, he had a real love for repairing watches and clocks, so I have decided to model a pocket watch based on the one he inherited from my maternal grandfather.


So today I started experimenting with the general idea of a pocket watch.


I am not sure about the colour as it seems very bright but I am really pleased with the stitch work on the back (left pic).  I used a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine, which I think has added an interesting texture.

My intention is to hand embroider the detail on the face and create the cogs and workings of the watch in machine embroidery and dissolvable fabric, but not necessarily have them inside the case. This would highlight the fact the watch is not working. I am thinking of showing that the watch stopped at 4.50 am, which is the time my dad died.


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