Metronome Mk 4

I decided that I wanted to try a layered approach to this metronome, so I drew a basic design (see left pic above). Inspired by the fact a metronome helps keeps ‘time’ and that I looked at how sound (in this case music) looks visually; I drew a waveform on each panel on the base design.

I then drew wave forms on the top design (see right pic above), these smaller wave forms were to include a word or two describing my father-in-law.

These photos (directly above) show the process of densely filling in the front panel.

This is the back panel (above), each panel is less dense than the one before. I also decided that the metronome in this size is too small to achieve such fine detail as planned on the top layer.  So I created musical notes separately, so that they could be added afterwards, stitching them on to each panel, except the back panel.  It was my intention to wire the notes coming out of the back, as if floating away.  I thought they would add some movement to the piece.

These photos show the completed panels still on the dissolvable fabric and then the musical notes and panels, trimmed and ready to assemble BEFORE washing out the fabric. This is a modification that I made from the construction of the first Metronome. When you wash out the panels there is slight shrinkage and they can be distorted by the time they have dried. Also the thread darkens when washed, so when you stitch it together with the same thread there is a noticeable colour difference.

The photo on the left is partially constructed and still intact with the dissolvable fabric.  On the right is the fully constructed, dissolved and dried object.

I really like the fourth panel with the open design, but still not sure about the finished object; feedback from my tutor was that it was too graphic.  Unfortunately, it would appear that I am still guilty of being very obvious with my work – old habits can be hard to break.


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