Coffee One – Newport

This is the new coffee shop in Friars Walk, Newport.  It is in a brand new unit, but they have opted for old style decor.  I think there are many similarities to the original coffee houses; large book cases, daily newspapers and even a few communal tables.

I like the fact they have included old photos of Newport and a mural depicting the historic Chartist Riots, giving the store a local identity.


Books for dissertation research

Books for dissertation research

Dissertation Inspiration


Same dissertation – different coffee shop!

Nothing like a nice cappuccino for a bit of inspiration.




Coffee Shops in London in 1950’s & 1960’s – Video

This is a video I found on YouTube about coffee shops in the 1950’s and 1960’s


Tea inspiration is everywhere, this lovely painting popped up in my feed on Facebook today.  Tea Time by James Tissot 1872

by James Tissot

Whittard of Chelsea Shop, Cardiff

Shopping in Cardiff today when I stumbled across this lovely speciality tea shop, Whittard of Chelsea in Queens Arcade.  This delightful tea set caught my eye as I passed the doorway and I stopped to look.  The lady working in the shop was very friendly and invited me in.  We were chatting and I told her about my dissertation; she explained they sell a variety of speciality teas and a selection of coffee and hot chocolate. She had two varieties of tea holding warm and gave me a sample to try. One was a green tea the other a toffee apple flavoured herbal tea, not being a tea drinker I was pleasantly surprised.

This dissertation research has intrigued me about the serenity surrounding tea and I am keen to experience a good tea.  I certainly didn’t like the tradition PG Tips type of tea with milk, when I was young, but I am willing to try some of the speciality varieties available today.


Royal Garden Party

This was research on a grand scale.  I was very lucky to be able to go to Buckingham Palace, for a garden party.  The weather was not very kind, although it didn’t actually rain while I was there. However, the wind provided lots of entertainment as many of the ladies were running after their hats all afternoon.

I was the only representative from my local Women’s Institute Group, so was there all on my own.  Our WI group is very new so I didn’t know anyone else there, but it was a lovely atmosphere, everyone was friendly and excited to be part of this special day.

Tea was the main drink but there was also iced coffee served. There was a variety of sandwiches, savoury snacks and dainty cakes served, followed by a pot of ice-cream.  Lots of conversations were exchanged; I spoke to ladies from other WI groups from across the country and they were very interested to hear that I was from a very new group.  Some ladies offered practical advice, others told me how the most enjoyable speaker they had seen had been a tattoo artist!

It was a lovely experience and as you would expect from the WI, a very female orientated occasion but the conversation was easy.