Stargazer Lily

My mother-in-law used to sing in the choir at St Mary’s Church and was often asked to sing solo at weddings.  She was artistic with a talent for producing the most beautiful wedding and occasion cakes, long before they really became popular.  She took her inspiration from nature, especially flowers and butterflies. She also loved clothes, shopping, fairies and jewellery. However, I always think about her when I see a Stargazer Lily as it was one of her favourite flowers, so I have chosen to use this flower as the object I will create with her in mind.

I was recently bought some flowers that included a Stargazer Lily and took the opportunity to sketch it and play with some ideas that I have for the one I am going to make.

I looked at putting the text around the edge of the petals, as it will soften the edge. I think the next thing I need to do is try and rough out a flower in machine embroidery and dissolvable, to work through the logistics of constructing a flower in this medium.


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