Royal Garden Party

This was research on a grand scale.  I was very lucky to be able to go to Buckingham Palace, for a garden party.  The weather was not very kind, although it didn’t actually rain while I was there. However, the wind provided lots of entertainment as many of the ladies were running after their hats all afternoon.

I was the only representative from my local Women’s Institute Group, so was there all on my own.  Our WI group is very new so I didn’t know anyone else there, but it was a lovely atmosphere, everyone was friendly and excited to be part of this special day.

Tea was the main drink but there was also iced coffee served. There was a variety of sandwiches, savoury snacks and dainty cakes served, followed by a pot of ice-cream.  Lots of conversations were exchanged; I spoke to ladies from other WI groups from across the country and they were very interested to hear that I was from a very new group.  Some ladies offered practical advice, others told me how the most enjoyable speaker they had seen had been a tattoo artist!

It was a lovely experience and as you would expect from the WI, a very female orientated occasion but the conversation was easy.

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