Whittard of Chelsea Shop, Cardiff

Shopping in Cardiff today when I stumbled across this lovely speciality tea shop, Whittard of Chelsea in Queens Arcade.  This delightful tea set caught my eye as I passed the doorway and I stopped to look.  The lady working in the shop was very friendly and invited me in.  We were chatting and I told her about my dissertation; she explained they sell a variety of speciality teas and a selection of coffee and hot chocolate. She had two varieties of tea holding warm and gave me a sample to try. One was a green tea the other a toffee apple flavoured herbal tea, not being a tea drinker I was pleasantly surprised.

This dissertation research has intrigued me about the serenity surrounding tea and I am keen to experience a good tea.  I certainly didn’t like the tradition PG Tips type of tea with milk, when I was young, but I am willing to try some of the speciality varieties available today.


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